Advantages Of Installing Overlay Locks

Our entrances must always be with the best protection so that no person who wants to take advantage of your properties can enter and steal your valuables.

As a solution to this, we can find a large number of security devices that allow the locking of doors, whether security locks, invisible locks, electronic locks, or even overlay locks.

In this post we will continue talking about locksmith accessories but specifically about overlay locks, one of the devices most used by several users in terms of protecting their doors.

Don’t you still know what a rim lock is? Below we are going to tell you more about it, as well as the advantages of installing locks in your home, office, or business with the help of a locksmith in Monterrey.

Advantages Of A Rim Lock For Your Doors

Now that you know a little about what a rim lock is, we are going to tell you about the advantages of installing this type of mechanism.

Once you know all the benefits you can obtain by integrating a lock of this type into the entrances of your home or business, you will surely want to go to a locksmith professional such as ARCO Lock and Security Arizona to get a drop-in lock. Remember to ask professional locksmiths for advice if you want to install locks or locks on your doors.

1.- Increase The Protection Of Your Tickets

It is no surprise that one of the most relevant advantages of a locksmith accessory is the security it provides to your doors, however, the overlay lock is one of the devices that, due to the design of its mechanism, allows you to increase security on all the doors that are installed.

The overlay lock can function as a complement for entrances in which other types of locks have already been installed. With both security systems, the protection is doubled since it is necessary to open both mechanisms with copies of keys to access the property.

2.- High resistance to outdoors

Fortunately, due to the material with which the overlay locks are made, they are also devices that resist any type of exposure to the elements, so they can even be installed on doors that face the outside, whether for patios, garage doors, or doors main.

Most people tend to install overlay locks in this type of space since, as we mentioned before, they further enhance the security of the doors that lead to the outside, which are more likely to be victims of a robbery attempt.

3.- They make it difficult to steal your property

So, overlay locks are ideal for preventing the illegal opening of locks? That’s right, this is another of the advantages that this mechanism has. Thanks to the fact that it can only be opened from the outside with the help of a house key and that the latch with which it blocks the entrance is very thick, the manipulation to access it is more complicated to carry out than with the simple locks.

To this, we can add the fact that there are currently different types of overlay locks that even have anti-bumping mechanisms that cannot be opened even with the use of a specific key for this very common method of home burglary. It is even possible to find locks that prevent opening by breaking, extracting, and picking.

4.- They can be installed on a wide variety of door types

Rim locks can be installed on several different types of doors that have the appropriate thickness for these devices that you find in locksmiths. This installation can be done on both wooden doors and outdoor metal doors.

However, before purchasing and installing security mechanisms, we recommend that you seek the advice of a specialized ARCO Lock and Security Arizona locksmith so that you can be completely sure that the overlay lock will be useful for the door you want to lock.

5.- Ease of maintenance

A final advantage is the ease of maintenance of this type of locks, since just as their installation is simple; they can also be removed from the door with the appropriate tools to clean them, as well as to lubricate their system so that there is no problem.

Even if you feel that you do not have the experience to provide the maintenance it requires, the possibility is always open for you to contact a home locksmith in Monterrey so that they can complete this locksmith service in a professional manner and without the risk of causing damage to the lock.

Now that you know the advantages of installing overlay locks on any of your properties, don’t forget to call the locksmith professionals at ARCO Lock and Security Arizona to help you with it, as well as for any type of emergency with your locks, copies of keys or cylinders.

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